Totally Locally

is a multi award winning, small (tiny!), not-for-profit organisation. We have been helping High Street help themselves for nearly 10 years.


We run the hugely successful Fiver Fest 3 times per year, where, over 100 towns regularly join together to offer special £5 offers across the country. This brought thousands of new customers through the doors of our independent shops.


Totally Locally is something special.

It started out as a small idea in the North of England and has grown into a multi-award-winning worldwide movement. Groups of volunteers in towns and areas use the our Town Kit, following guidelines and using templates and a full event strategy, and use it to make their town a stronger, more vibrant & resilient place.  And all we ask in return in that if they come up with a new idea, it is shared with everyone else.

There is now a network of Totally Locally Towns across the world, sharing ideas, working together and making a difference to their independent businesses.

It works. It has been proven from Yorkshire to London, France, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.  A new vibrancy, a spirit of cooperation, and a better Independent High Street.

Over 150 towns in the UK have used our award winning, grass-roots ‘Totally Locally Town Kit’ which is a fully timelined campaign to re-engage shoppers with their independent shops and businesses. It works.

The .Shop site is an extension of the Town Kit and something we have wanted to create for many years as more of us shop online before buying .. even locally. The 2020 pandemic has led to the increased importance and focus to work on this.

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